Zeliv Monastery

We can now proudly announce that we have our own import of Czech monastery beer!

They been brewing beer at Zeliv monastery in the Czech region of Vysocina since the 13th century. The monastery is the last in Czech Republic that own their own brewery.

Brew master Jiri Kratochvil, with history at Bernard brewery, is responsible for all the production of the beers. All of their beers are named after previous abbots at the monastery, all of the beers is also unfiltered, unpasteurized and stored for 30 – 60 days.

15 years ago a man from Helsingborg named Stefan Cesar was in Italy for a business meeting for his Italian tiles company. On his way back he got an idea in his car, what if I started to import beer? Easily said and done he started his trip to the Czech Republic and the Bernard brewery. Once there he got hold of the sales manager Jaroslav and luckily for him he spoke very good English. Stefan explained his idea for Jaroslav and really liked what he heard because Bernard didn’t exist in Sweden. From that time Stefan started to import from Bernard and sold it to us at Bullen.

The time flew and Jaroslav began to work for another brewery, Bakalar. So Stefan started to import their bottled beers and sold it at Bullen.

A couple of years later Jaroslav left Bakalar brewery and started at Chotebor. At the same time Stefan lost his import to a larger importer in Sweden. Stefan then contacted Jaroslav again and began to import the Chotebor beer and of course sold it to us.

The same year Stefan and Lasse visit Czech and had dinner with Jaroslav. A conversation began about a microbrewery which Jaroslav thought would be perfect for Bullen. Now the task was for Stefan to get the rights to import the beer so we could gain access to it.

After the tip about the microbrewery Stefan began to import the beer from a monastery which you all know the name of. That’s right, Zeliv! This is where we got to know of the genius Jiri. Some years later Stefan was preparing for his retirement when he suggested to Jonas and Lasse that they should apply for the rights to import their own beer from Zeliv. After some paperwork and meetings with the Swedish Taxoffice it worked and it became a success!

We are the only one in the world to have the pleasure to sell their beers, except for the 30 bars in Czech and a small collaboration with a monastery in Hungary.


Beer tasting platter

We can also offer you a beer tasting platter where you get 5 different beers of your or our choice.